Spray Tanning is Becoming a Growing Trend

One of the hottest beauty trends today is spray tanning. Throughout the past decade, men and women in Australia, both young and old, have spent billions of dollars in tanning salons, looking to obtain a healthy, golden glow to their skin without exposing themselves to harmful UV rays. Spray tanning is undoubtedly healthier for your skin – the chemicals in the tanning solution are harmless – and customers become bronzed beauties without damaging or aging skin. However, there are several items a newbie should be aware of.

Getting Your Money’s Worth in Spray Tanning

While spray tanning gives people a natural, healthy glow, there are several ways the process can go wrong. Many of you have probably heard horror stories of friends trying the method and turning their skin orange. Or, maybe the color came out perfect but did not last very long. When investing in the product, it is important to get the best spray tan applications available, including:

  • Liquid SunThis gives your skin a rich, golden glow with age-fighting, skin-firming, and cell-rejuvenating properties all in one amazing product!

  • Fusion – This method combines natural and artificial ingredients. Breakthrough technology mixed with indigenous Australian plants gives skin an exotic tone, and you will look like you just returned from a weeklong cruise in the Mediterranean!

  • Velocity – Velocity is the world’s number one rapid tan, and is the quickest, longest lasting tan in Australia, guaranteed. Customers get a rapid, wash and wear tan in as little as one hour, and its long lasting effects will linger with you longer than any other product on the market.

Your skin is important, and it is critical to keep it healthy and beautiful all the days of your life. If you are tired of your pale skin tone, but are wary of the sun exposure required for natural tanning, you should give spray products a try.

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Surprising Benefits of Regular Professional Manicures

Many people consider a professional manicure to be a luxury reserved for special occasions when they want to reward or pamper themselves. They don’t know they’re missing out on the important health and lifestyle benefits of regular professional manicures. Whether professional manicures are a regular part of your beauty regimen or you’re considering getting one for the first time, you’ll want to consider the advantages.

Health Benefits

Studies show that relaxing activities switch on “disease-fighting genes” that protect against disorders like pain, infertility, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. This phenomenon, called the Relaxation Effect, may be as powerful as drugs – with no side effects!

Professional manicures let you tap into that. During a professional manicure, you get a great mini-massage, relaxing in bliss while lotion is gently rubbed into your hands, forearms and cuticles.

Contrast that with home manicure, in which you’re stressed trying to do half the work with your non-dominant hand, and get no massage at all.

The best news? The Relaxation Effect gets stronger the more often you relax! And the more you relax, the healthier you are. What better excuse to have your nails done regularly?

Hygiene Benefits

Many women – and men – uninterested in the advanced aesthetics of manicures still have regular professional manicures for hygienic reasons. By law, salon implements are always carefully sterilised – in contrast to most people’s nail cutters, which get used for everything from nail trimming to hangnail and cuticle removal to digging out the dirt from under toenails – and all without even a proper wash.

Professional nail technicians not only use properly-sterilised instruments, but will daub your cuticles and hangnails with antiseptic to prevent infection, protect delicate nail beds, and keep nails strong and healthy.

Success Benefits

In business and in life, your hands should look just as good as the rest of you. People judge us by our grooming, and our hands are always on display. Well-trimmed cuticles and well-shaped nails add to the positive impression you make, and regular professional manicures contribute to your image of success and confidence.

Even if you are very busy, a mini-manicure takes only 30 minutes, and leaves your hands looking great. Doing them yourself could take longer and leave you less happy with the result.

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A Girl’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Makeup

Similar to dating, women tend to migrate from one product to the next, always looking for the right match, the perfect regimen, the ideal routine. Our powder and paint, or lack thereof, has become as much an expression of who we are as…the clothes we wear, the people we date, the way we spend our time, or the words we use to express ourselves. Humans are walking billboards, and in feminine culture, our billboard includes face paint!

Makeup can be fun, sexy, and expressive, but what is the history behind it? Why do we think that cosmetics are fun, sexy, and expressive? Why are we tempted to invest our time and money in cosmetics? When evaluating and improving our relationships with makeup, what should we strive for? What things should we consider?

The History

Cosmetics did not start with corporate producers, model-plastered ads, and seductive supermarket aisles full of foundations, age-defying lotions, powders, blushes, eyeliners, mascaras, tweezers, lipsticks, and lip-glosses for purchase. Australian aboriginals and worldwide indigenous peoples had long been using body paint in battle and on ceremonial occasions.

Home recipes for paints and cosmetics laid the foundation for the modern makeup industry. In the nineteenth century, makeup was morally controversial and sometimes chemically dangerous. Some early recipes included dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, lead, or mercury. It brings new meaning to the words: dying to be beautiful.

Women were at the forefront of the transition from home-crafted beauty concoctions to a booming cosmetics industry. This transition led to a collection of some of the world’s first highly successful businesswomen. The growing industry led to a boom in beauty pageants and personalised sales approaches such as door-to-door sales and home-based ordering. This women-dominant beauty era lasted until about 1920 when the industry transformed into a more corporate system, soon predominantly run by men (with women still making bold and influential strides). We trusted these people to construct popular statements about feminine body image.

Why are we tempted to invest our time and money in cosmetics? Powered by the billion-dollar cosmetics industry, culturally, women have been taught and trained to understand “ideal” body image and the power of managing that image. For many women, makeup became an artistic venue for self-expression, seduction, and sophistication.

A Healthy Relationship with Cosmetics

When evaluating and improving our relationship with makeup, we should strive to:

  • Wear it to feel empowered and confident, not “because we should” or “because we have to”

  • Pay attention to how we feel about advertisements, about how other women wear their cosmetics, and whether it changes our perceptions of them

  • Experiment with makeup:

    • Go without it for a week or a month.

    • Go to a salon and have it done professionally. How do you feel?

In Conclusion

To have a healthy relationship with cosmetics, women need to take back the power and examine why they buy what they buy, why they have the routines they have, and ultimately, what works best for them.

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